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Characterization of Soil

Soil is primary to the health of the planet and vital to the production of nutritious crops. Soil is naturally colonized by a vast community of microorganisms – the soil microbiome – including bacteria and fungi that inhabit a specific environment and affect plant performance and development. 

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

  • Institution: The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Characterization of 6 active sentinel sites in Ethiopia
  • Project location: Ethiopia
  • Project leader/s: Kihara, Job Maguta
  • Crop studied: Coffee and black pepper

Bodegas Barbadillo

  • Institution: Bodegas Barbadillo
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of the functional soil profile for Bodegas Barbadillo’s vineyards.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Catina Aveledo
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Aurea Agrosciences

  • Institution: Aurea Agrosciences
  • Type: Laboratory
  • Project title: Microbial-based study in Vineyards of 6 Regions of France
  • Project location: France
  • Project leader/s: Matthieu Vale
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Universidad Zamorano

  • Institution: Universidad Zamorano
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Microbiota monitoring and characterization of suppressive soils in tobacco crop
  • Project location: Honduras
  • Project leader/s: Rogelio Trabanino
  • Crop studied: Tobacco

Dehesa El Milagro

  • Institution: Dehesa El Milagro
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of soil functional profile of Dehesa El Milagro
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Andrés Álvarez
  • Crop studied: Pasture, peach, Barley, Raygrass, and oats

 Las Abogadas

  • Institution: Las Abogadas
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of functional soil profile of Las Abogadas Vineyard
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Victorino Martínez Puras
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

 Bodegas Valdeviñas

  • Institution: Bodegas Valdeviñas
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Study of the microflora in a Vineyard to discover the crop necessities
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Isidoro Álvarez
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Fast LLP

  • Institution: Fast LLP
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of soil functional profile of strawberries and apple fields
  • Project location: UK
  • Project leader/s: Graham Moore
  • Crop studied: Strawberry and apple

 Sunart Fields Ltd

  • Institution: Sunart Fields Ltd
  • Type: Large Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of the soil profile in a prospective orchard.
  • Project location: UK
  • Project leader/s: Rachel Evat
  • Crop studied: Pasture

El requejo de la Isla Baja

  • Institution: El requejo de la Isla Baja
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Definition of the soil profile in avocado fields
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Rubén González Jañez
  • Crop studied: Avocado

Universidad Salamanca

  • Institution: Universidad Salamanca
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Unravelling soil microbial diversity and restoring the health of agricultural systems.
  • Project location: Worldwide
  • Project leader/s: Javier Bobo Pinilla
  • Crop studied: To be determined

Grupo Scheffer

  • Institution: Grupo Scheffer
  • Type: Large Farm
  • Project title: Evaluation of soil health, biodiversity, and functionality in 24 parcels
  • Project location: Brazil
  • Project leader/s: Guilherme Scheffer
  • Crop studied: Cotton


  • Institution: Envínate
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Soil microbial profile definition for Envínate vineyards
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Alfonso Torrente
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Universidad de Valencia

  • Institution: Universidad de Valencia
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Characterization of soil microbiome in agro-ecological and -conventional crops of tigernut with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and survey of this microbiome to ascertain the unknown agent that cause the tiger-nut black spot disease.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: José Soriano, Carla Soler and Ester Carbó
  • Crop studied: Tiger-Nut

Universidad de Valladolid

  • Institution: Universidad de Valladolid – Dept. Producción Vegetal y Recursos forestales
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Unravelling the role of the microbiome in medicinal and aromatic crops
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Jorge Martín García
  • Crop studied: Several crops

Indonesian Institute of Science

  • Institution: Indonesian Institute of Science
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: The relationship between the microbiome, organic composition,  structure development, and erodibility of the topsoil originated from volcanic material
  • Project location: Indonesia
  • Project leader/s: Muhamad Djuwansah, Asep Mulyono and Rochmah Agustrina
  • Crop studied: To be determined

Herb Young Citrus Squeeze LLC

  • Institution: Herb Young Citrus Squeeze LLC
  • Type: Large Farmer
  • Project title: Regenerative Citrus Field Characterization
  • Project location: USA
  • Project leader/s: Herb Young
  • Crop studied: Oranges


  • Institution: Synercoop
  • Type: Ag Manufacturer
  • Project title: Soil Biomap
  • Project location: France
  • Project leader/s: Jérôme Courgey
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Vignoble Moët & Chandon

  • Institution: Vignoble Moët & Chandon
  • Type: Ag Manufacturer
  • Project title: Soil Biomap
  • Project location: France
  • Project leader/s: Jeanne CROMBEZ
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Pacte Vegetal

  • Institution: Pacte Vegetal
  • Type: Agronomist
  • Project title: Soil Biomap
  • Project location: France
  • Project leader/s: Justine Richard
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Universidad de Cantabria

  • Institution: Universidad de Cantabria
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Respuestas del agua la dinamicas de cobertura terrestre y cambio climático.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Jose Manuel Alvarez Martinez
  • Crop studied: Pasto forestal

Vinyes Domenech

  • Institution: Vinyes Domenech
  • Type: SME Farmers
  • Project title: Estudio de la microbiota residente del suelo de Vinyes Domenech
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Joan Ignasi Domènech and Andreu Fernández
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

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