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Diseases and soil pollution

Soilborne diseases are considered a major problem to crop yield. Soilborne plant pathogens such as Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotinia spp., Fusarium spp., Verticillium spp., and Phytophthora spp. can cause greater losses and persist for many years in the plant residues, organic matter, and in form of spores. Thus, the early detection of this microorganism in the soil could prevent farmers and act against the pathogens and avoid disease development.


  • Institution: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Soil Health in urban agriculture
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Remigio Paradelo Núñez, María Teresa Barral and Cecilia Herbón
  • Crop studied: Horticultural

 Universidad de Vigo

  • Institution: Universidad de Vigo
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Evaluation of diffuse heavy metal contamination in Galician soils.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: David Fernández Calviño
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Mercier Freres S.R.L

  • Institution: Mercier Freres S.R.L
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Improvement of soil efficiency and detection of disease risks in vineyards.
  • Project location: France
  • Project leader/s: Olivier Zekri
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Institution: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: “The Good Soil” – can native soil microbiome suppress invasive soil-borne forest pathogens?
  • Project location: Sweden, Spain, and the Czech Republic.
  • Project leader/s: Carmen Romeralo,Johanna Witzell and Thomas Jung
  • Crop studied: Beech and Oak trees

Wageningen University and Research

  • Institution: Wageningen University and Research
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: UIreka
  • Project location: The Netherlands
  • Project leader/s: Anne Van Diepeningen
  • Crop studied: Onion

Performance Nutrition

  • Institution: Performance Nutrition
  • Type: Ag manufacturer
  • Project title: Analysis of the impact of Citrus program and Citrus greening in the soil microbiome
  • Project location: USA
  • Project leader/s: Don Pucillo
  • Crop studied: Orange and GrapeFruit


  • Institution: Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX)
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Understanding the role of soil health in symptoms expression of grapevine truck diseases
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Laura Martin Blanco, Ana del Rosario Santiago Roldan and Maria Dolores Osuna Ruiz
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

NYC Urban Soils Institute

  • Institution: NYC Urban Soils Institute
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Urban Farms: Legacy Metal Contamination & Beneficial Soil Microbiology
  • Project location: USA
  • Project leader/s: Bharath Prithiviraj, Jason Sinopoli, Tatiana Morin, and Kate Zidar
  • Crop studied: To be determined.

University of Coimbra

  • Institution: University of Coimbra
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Microbiome of potato fields contaminated with plant-parasitic Nematodes
  • Project location: Portugal
  • Project leader/s: Diogo Proença, Isabel Luci and Paula Morais
  • Crop studied: Potato

University of León

  •  Institution: University of León
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: TrichoBIOme
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Guzmán Carro Huerga, Santiago Gutierrez Martin and Pedro Casquero Luelmo
  • Crop studied: Vineyard, beans, and Hop

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