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Farmers and Agronomists

Open access to biological soils analysis

Farmers and Agronomist

apply to benefit from the initiative

fields4ever grants free-of-charge or discounted access to BeCrop® soil microbial tests

To participate, just tell us about your farm or needs and we will reply in 15 days

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for joining

  • To access to functional soils analysis
  • To monitor the impact of your agriculture practices
  • To understand your soil bioactivity
  • To improve your farm productivity
  • To assess ag-inputs effects
  • To validate your experiments

Technology to UNVEIL the soil activity

Using technology for soil analysis we can reveal the activity of the soil. This is because the soil contains a complex living ecosystem that can be used as a biomarker of soil health and productivity. This microbiome, thanks to being analyzed with the most advanced technology can be used to recover our lost arable land or to increase its production, especially applicable to small farms in development areas.

Ideal experiments

targeting soil health evaluation

fields4ever accepts any kind of project related with soil health however here are some ideas :

  • Explaining yield differences in soils under similar conditions
  • Applying bioactive products in my field: Monitoring my soil status
  • Measuring disease risks for more respectful soil management
  • My soil is unique and alive (differentiation/terroir/regionality)
  • Boosting soil bioactivity (including carbon sequestration)
  • Projects in small farms in development areas (Africa / LATAM )

Continuous evaluation process

We accept applications until August 31st. 2020, but you can apply at anytime. We will notify the evaluation results in 15 days

Get Involved !

Check out the complete Guide for Applicants. For more information or questions, contact us directly at