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Soil health is a complex and wide-ranging concern encompassing multiple elements and approaches. Recovering soil health sustainably is key to improved crop yield and protecting the food supply now, and for many generations to come. 


  • Institution: Agroescope
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Soil Health in Wheat fields
  • Project location: Switzerland
  • Project leader/s: Marcel Vanderh Eijden
  • Crop studied: Wheat
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Cortijo el Nublo

  • Institution: Cortijo el Nublo
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Study of soil degradation in a horticultural field in Granada
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Juan Alcalá Galiano
  • Crop studied: Avocado


  • Institution: Anapea
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Evaluation of the soil condition and improvement of soil health
  • Project location: Georgia
  • Project leader/s: Gocha Tskitishvili
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Universidad de Valladolid

  • Institution: Universidad de Valladolid
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Unravelling the health status of Iberian agrosilvopastoral systems through soil microbiome
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Julio Diez, Jorge Martin and Elena Hidalgo
  • Crop studied: Pine, Cereals, vineyard, and Oak. 
Agro Vidar


  • Institution: Vidar Soluciones Agroambientales (Agrovidar)
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Soil Health status in Vineyards
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: María Gloria Sáenz Romo
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

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