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Soil health

Soil Health concept is wide and complex, as it involves multiple elements and approaches. In this post, we gather some of the key elements to take into account when exploring the topic of soil health. This glossary is a live body that we will be enriched with new relevant terms that help to shape a holistic vision of this key element in agriculture.


  • Institution: Agroescope
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Soil Health in Wheat fields
  • Project location: Switzerland
  • Project leader/s: Marcel Vanderh Eijden
  • Crop studied: Wheat

Cortijo el Nublo

  • Institution: Cortijo el Nublo
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Study of soil degradation in a horticultural field in Granada
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Juan Alcalá Galiano
  • Crop studied: Avocado


  • Institution: Anapea
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Evaluation of the soil condition and improvement of soil health
  • Project location: Georgia
  • Project leader/s: Gocha Tskitishvili
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Universidad de Valladolid

  • Institution: Universidad de Valladolid
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Unravelling the health status of Iberian agrosilvopastoral systems through soil microbiome
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Julio Diez, Jorge Martin and Elena Hidalgo
  • Crop studied: Pine, Cereals, vineyard, and Oak. 


  • Institution: Vidar Soluciones Agroambientales (Agrovidar)
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Soil Health status in Vineyards
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: María Gloria Sáenz Romo
  • Crop studied: Vineyard

Do you have a project ?

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