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Soil microorganisms, bacteria and fungi interact dynamically with plants, impacting their performance, productivity, quality, and yield. Soil microorganisms represent the best biosensor to explain the differences in crop production, with the microbiome emerging as key to the improvement of  farming management practices. Understanding how plant-soil interactions directly affect crop production is only possible with a prior understanding of soil microorganisms.

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

  • Institution: The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
  • Type: Researcher
  • Project title: Coffee and pepper plantations in Central highlands in Vietnam
  • Project location: Vietnam
  • Project leader/s: Kihara, Job Maguta
  • Crop studied: coffee & black pepper


  • Institution: Elaia
  • Type: Ag manufacturer
  • Project title: Nutrient mobilization and fertilization and fertilization in intensive olive groves
  • Project location: Portugal
  • Project leader/s: Juan Carlos Canasveras Sanchez
  • Crop studied: Olive

Agroestrategias Consultores

  • Institution:  Agroestrategias Consultores
  • Type: Agronomists
  • Project title: Explaining the differences in performance in soils under similar conditions
  • Project location: Argentina
  • Project leader/s: Federico Zuljan and Wenceslao Tejerina
  • Crop studied: Corn and Soybean


  • Institution: Slowphilosophy
  • Type: SME Farmer
  • Project title: Study yield differences in a saffron field.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project leader/s: Raúl Sánchez
  • Crop studied: Saffron

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