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Check the global impact of the initiative

fields4ever is a global initiative powered by Biome Makers for the conservation and monitoring of soil health by promoting the development of more sustainable and respectful agriculture management, not only to achieve quality soils but also quality food.

A Global Action Plan

fields4ever will analyze  1M acres over the 18 months to achieve the following goals:
  • To unravel the soil health status of agriculture fields and to restore their health.
  • To sequester 0.5M metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To reduce by 5M pounds the nutrient loss to the environment.
  • To save 1M metric tons from soil erosion

We must act now

fields4ever provide agriculture players the tools to assess the best agricultural practices to improve
the productivity and healthiness of the soil.

A worldwide problem with a worldwide solution

Roughly 1/3 of the world´s arable land has been lost, while farmer’s economics remained lineal. It is time to react and move forward only with the most sustainable and productive farming practices for fostering our fields.

fields4ever initiative looks at the soil as a living ecosystem and utilizes the soil microbiome as bioindicator for soil health and productivity. Soil is a precious natural resource inhabited by a community of microorganisms the soil microbiome, a connected microbial network that reflects any modifications happening in-field.


We are committed to support and enhance the health and quality of our soils worldwide. Fields4ever opens the technology for functional soil assessment, provides soil health training and education, and activates the community with the Soil Squad.


Open-tech for soil assessment

Computing access

Farmers & Agronomists

Open-tech for soil assessment

Training and education




There are lots of actions that participate in the initiative, check all of them.


Projects granted

Do you have a project ?

Don´t hesitate to contact us with your actions to promote soil health recuperation and have access to the most advanced technology for functional soil analysis.